Frequently Asked Question



  1. Click "REGISTER" to complete the registration. Valid mobile number is required to register.,
  2. Once registered and login, click "Purchase PPV" from the menu
  3. Carefully read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Click the BUY NOW Button
  5. You will redirected to PAYPAL Page.
  6. To make payment, Log in to your PAYPAL Account, if you don't have a PAYPAL Account, Click Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit on the same page.
  7. After your Payment is Complete, Your account automatically registered to our site. You will receive a receipt of Payment.
  8. Once your account has been set up and a Payment has been made you will be return to our site from PayPal.
  9. Pay Per View is available under "Access PPV". For previous VOD videos please use "VOD" link.


1. Go to www.watchbattlelive.com Click the Button ACCESS PPV or LOGIN

2. Enter your Username, password and you will be automatically redirected to a Secured area where you can watch the live Streaming.

3. We strongly advice to watch the live streaming through your computer.

4. Please do not login to your computer, smart phone and tablets simultaneously. You are restricted to use more than one IP. Please don't share your account with others.





Why am I getting this message when I try to login (You have too many devices using www.watchbattlelive.com at the same time on your account. To watch it on this device, click YES so you will be logged in to your current device)

You're allowed to use only one IP at a time, you might have logged in to your phone earlier and forgot to log out and now trying to login into PC or Tablets when happens this message will appear, so please click YES to proceed to login.



What time the even starts?

Event Starts between 2:30pm to 3:00 pm Eastern Time



Can I watch the event Video after the Live Stream?

Yes, you can watch the Video for up to 2 weeks.



Can I purchase the PPV after the event?

Yes, you can purchase the VOD after the live event.



What are the devices can I use to watch the Live event?

Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone and Tablets.



Can I use XBOX, SMART TV, PS4 to watch the Video?

NO, we don't support the above devices, if you use any of the above device you will encounter freezing and buffering during the live stream and after on Video on Demand content.




Why is my Video is freezing and buffering in computer?

If your Video is buffering you need to check your internet speed, If the Video is freezing make sure your web browser is updated and is in current version. Not all the browser support and play the High-Quality video if one browser isn't working you can switch between different browser Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari. One of them should work and plays the video smoothly if the browser is updated and as in current version.



How can I watch the Live stream on TV?

Connect the laptop to your TV using HDMI Cable, once connected whatever you play it on Laptop will play it on TV. If your laptop doesn't have HDMI port buy the HDMI adapter from Best Buy.



Why do I get this message on my video player (Media could not be loaded, either because server or network failed or because the format is not supported)

If you get the above message, please make sure you web browser is updated and in current version, not all the browser supports the High-Quality Video Please have more than 2 browsers in your computer, if one browser doesn't support try switch to different browser, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari. This will solve that problem.



Can I purchase and watch the PPV outside of USA?

Yes, we deliver the content globally.



What happens if I share my account?

If you share your account, you will be blocked and kicked out and the person who you share will enjoy the battles instead of you. ONE ACCOUNT, ONE LOGIN AT A TIME.



What is mean by VOD?

Video on-demand (VOD) is a form of video media distribution that allows users to consume Video content whenever they choose, instead of having to watch shows at a scheduled broadcast time.

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